How Technology is Improving Business Operations in the Medical Equipment Industry

Technology is transforming the medical equipment industry, improving business operations in a number of ways. Learn how technology is being used to improve communication and collaboration, streamline manufacturing, enhance customer service, improve... Read more »

Adidas to Sell Unsold Yeezy Products and Donate Proceeds to Charity

After Kanye West made a series of controversial statements in October 2022, including an anti-Semitic rant, Adidas announced that it will sell unsold Yeezy products and donate the proceeds to charity. The... Read more »

Suntan Lotions—The Right Way To Apply

Sun is synonymous with life as it is the prime component for the survival of the flora as well as fauna. On the contrary, the people live on the suntan lotions to... Read more »

No More SeaWorld Trips By Thomas Cook From Next Summer

Thomas Cook has taken a leap forward to ensure the safety of the animals by announcing to suspend any kinds of SeaWorld trips. The company also stated that the most of the... Read more »

Poor Security Of Router Leaves People In Indian More Defenseless To Cyber Attacks

An expected 65% people in India have never upgraded firmware of their router, while 39% have no idea that the firmware for the routers actually exits. This was claimed by a research... Read more »

Sony Rolls Out 48 MP Mobile Camera Sensor

Other than cameras, smartphones, and appliances, Sony is recognized for its lenses that are employed not only in superior cameras but also in handsets from different companies. So it is just natural... Read more »

Hyundai Launches Digital Show On Amazon To Expand The Reach To Customers

Replicating the experience of car dealership online has been a challenge historically. It is a proven fact that many of us have become habitual to the ease and convenience of online stores.... Read more »

Syntel Enters Into A Definitive Agreement In An Proposed Acquisition Deal By Atos

Syntel, Inc., the world leader in integrated information and knowledge of process technology, today announced that it is integrating into the final merger agreement with Atos SE. The deal includes Atos acquiring... Read more »

Boeing Received A $3.9 Billion Contract For New Air Force One Jets

Reportedly, Donald Trump, the U.S. President, recently proclaimed that the U.S. Government has offered Boeing Co (BA.N) with a $3.9 Billion contract. The mentioned contract is intended to manufacture about two 747-8... Read more »

Around 80% Of The Total ICO Conducted In 2017 Were Fraud, Says Study

A recent survey by the consultancy firm ICS Statis Group showed that more than 80% of the ICO, carried out in 2017, were considered fraudulent. The study took into account the life... Read more »