Hyundai Launches Digital Show On Amazon To Expand The Reach To Customers

Replicating the experience of car dealership online has been a challenge historically. It is a proven fact that many of us have become habitual to the ease and convenience of online stores. Since cars are one of the most expensive assets that many of us will make, it is especially important to be certain for what we are purchasing by our hard earned money.

Entry of Amazon, as the e-commerce giant, continues to consume a huge market share in the retail business, and apparently even the industries that get the most out of their business are turning to Amazon for a help in communicating with customers.

This week, Hyundai launched a new digital showroom with Amazon, allowing customers to scan inventory of a specific dealership, compare prices, schedule tests drives, and read owners reviews. Buyers can also use the page to browse through the various discounts from local dealers.

Hyundai began its relationship with Amazon in 2016, when the automaker called the first on-demand test drives for cars, giving Los Angeles area customers access to Amazon Prime Now, but only one car was offered which was Elantra 2017, and the program only worked for two days. Hyundai also says it was the first “big automaker” to connect cars with homes via Amazon Echo and the Blue Link skill for Amazon Alexa.

Hyundai hopes to change the current scenario, allowing customers to click on the Amazon showroom’s main site and use optimized purchase option, the company said in a press release. However, customers still have to go to the dealership to complete the purchase and drive off.

Companies such as CarGurus, and PureCars greatly facilitate the search process and facilitate the relationship between the customer and the dealership, but automakers want to have all the experience of buying cars online.

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