Ticwatch Pro With “Dual-Screen” Technology Costs $250

Smartwatch manufacturers for years have made efforts to develop batteries that stay longer than 2 Days. The approach of AI firm Mobvoi is to design a new sort of display that imbibes... Read more »

For The First Time In 43 years, There’s A Supermoon Solar Eclipse

What a coincident! The Supermoon Solar Eclipse is on Friday, July 13. This event where the new moon, which is closest to the Earth, will pass in front of the sun today... Read more »
Human Life

Exoplanet Named Ross 128b May Sustain Human Life

Ross 128b is quite identical to Earth in terms of its size and the temperature over the surface. The planet is said to be around eleven light years from the earth, which... Read more »

Learning Backbone Tech Of Bitcoin Can Help Drive Your Career

Blockchain is not just restricted to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. The tech dropped its crypto currency skin in 2012 when Vitalik Buterin deployed and designed Ethereum, the first-ever open platform for... Read more »

YouTube Allowing Creators To Flag The Duplicity of Video Content

This year, we have seen a lot of things provided by YouTube to the user, be it the new video streaming service or great packages to enjoy the original content from great... Read more »

Phantom Bookings Plague Ryde Technologies, Singapore

A Singapore-based organization, Ryde Technologies, has reported being severely affected by the phantom bookings on behalf of several fake accounts. An intense scrutiny has discovered that none less than 300 fake accounts... Read more »

Argentina Isn’t The Team To Exit In First Go, Says Argentine Skipper

Lionel Messi said, “Argentina going out in the first round, not happening”, as he and his companions escaped elimination in the World Cup with a second victory by 2-1 against Nigeria on... Read more »

Dakota Access: Greenpeace sued for “ecoterrorism”

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace and other environmental groups on Tuesday accusing them of launching an “ecoterrorism” campaign to block the Dakota Access oil pipeline object of several... Read more »

Editorial: The True Price of Oil in North Dakota

Black gold is transforming North Dakota. In just a few years, one of the country’s least populous states has become its most important oil producer after Texas. Thousands of Americans have invaded... Read more »

TransCanada Pipeline leak in South Dakota

TransCanada Oil announced the closure of the Keystone pipeline due to an oil spill of approximately 795,000 liters in South Dakota. The leak took place in Marshall County, near the border with... Read more »