Boeing Received A $3.9 Billion Contract For New Air Force One Jets

Reportedly, Donald Trump, the U.S. President, recently proclaimed that the U.S. Government has offered Boeing Co (BA.N) with a $3.9 Billion contract. The mentioned contract is intended to manufacture about two 747-8 aircraft that would be used as Air Force One by the U.S. President.

The company official proclaimed on Tuesday that they have to deliver these aircraft by December 2024. These aircraft should be painted in red, white, and blue in color. The Pentagon declared the recent announcement on Tuesday.

The Pentagon stated that the previously granted contract of the company for development work is further expanded to incorporate plan, alterations, and fielding of about two mission-ready presidential 747-8 aircraft.

The contract followed the plan of the casual deal carried out between Boeing and the White House in February 2018. The recent agreement was done when the U.S. President had raised an objection on the $4 Billion price tag of an earlier Air Force One deal. He had posted on Twitter complaining that these costs are out of control and he is on the way to a cancel the order.

The White House had proclaimed in February 2018 that the recent deal would allow the taxpayers to save more than $1.4 Billion. However, it failed to confirm those savings independently.

The Boeing 747-8s are designed to be a White House aircraft with an ability to fly in worst security conditions such as nuclear war. They are modified with military avionics, superior communications, and a self-protection system.

On a related note, recently, the White House warned the Congress that the United States is not able to add $1.6 Billion needed to develop the health-care choices for veterans. In a letter published on Monday, the Trump administration asked lawmakers to fund the veterans’ popular health-care program with a slash to other parts of the budget.

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