Around 80% Of The Total ICO Conducted In 2017 Were Fraud, Says Study

A recent survey by the consultancy firm ICS Statis Group showed that more than 80% of the ICO, carried out in 2017, were considered fraudulent. The study took into account the life... Read more »

Newest Update For Mozilla Firefox Browser Permits Consumers To Configure And Block Autoplay Functionality

Firefox lastly got the capability of blocking the audio and video autoplay function. Mozilla has included this feature over the weekend in the Firefox Nightly. Nightly is the beta version of the... Read more »

Learning Backbone Tech Of Bitcoin Can Help Drive Your Career

Blockchain is not just restricted to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. The tech dropped its crypto currency skin in 2012 when Vitalik Buterin deployed and designed Ethereum, the first-ever open platform for... Read more »

The U.S. Government Misses Reunification Deadline

The U.S. Government has missed achieving the Tuesday deadline for the reunification of the immigrant children less than 5 Years old age with their parents. Reportedly, about 98 children of less than... Read more »

TransCanada Pipeline leak in South Dakota

TransCanada Oil announced the closure of the Keystone pipeline due to an oil spill of approximately 795,000 liters in South Dakota. The leak took place in Marshall County, near the border with... Read more »

Drone Used To Locate Lost Hikers In North Dakota

A Predator drone, the same used in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan was used to locate three individuals accused of cattle rustling in North Dakota. Local law enforcement officials requested use of a... Read more »

Clashes between police and protesters in North Dakota

Tension continues to mount at Standing Rock, North Dakota, where some 400 protesters block a bridge over a state highway. The protesters, who oppose the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, were... Read more »