Poor Security Of Router Leaves People In Indian More Defenseless To Cyber Attacks

An expected 65% people in India have never upgraded firmware of their router, while 39% have no idea that the firmware for the routers actually exits. This was claimed by a research carried out by Avast, the digital security provider. The study was performed out in July 2018 by Avast and polled more than 1,044 users in India.

The study indicates at how cyber assaults can take benefit of user’s lack of understanding regarding the security of router. As per the survey, just 23% of people in India sign-in into web administration of router. It claims that only 44% of people in India have altered the login credentials of web administrative interface for their router.

According to the research, 32% of people in India have never signed-in into the web administration interface to modify the default login credentials. Out of the total Indians studied, 65% have never upgraded the firmware of their router. The study discovered that just 33% of people in India sign-in into the interface for their router once a year or less to look for updates.

The study recommends that this leaves routers defenseless to viruses. It claimed that in May 2018, an expected 700,000 routers all over the world were verified as defenseless to malware with capabilities of SSL stripping. Till date, routers in 54 nations are impacted, comprising NETGEAR, Linksys, Huawei, D-Link, and Asus models, the survey claimed.

Speaking of cyber attacks, a recent study claimed that cyber attacks are on the rise, and almost 40% agree that their company’s CEO is a weak linkage in their cyber security process. Making cyber safety a priority must begin from the top positions, yet this is not always the situation. A new study from Mimecast Limited displays that 20% of people claimed that their C-level officials sent sensitive information in response to a phishing assault.

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