Suntan Lotions—The Right Way To Apply

Sun is synonymous with life as it is the prime component for the survival of the flora as well as fauna. On the contrary, the people live on the suntan lotions to keep the skin protected from the harsh effects of the sun rays. The irony is, due to the improper application of the lotions, people are not able to enjoy the integrated benefits of the same.

The Sun Protection Factor or SPF 15 enabled sunscreen lotions are enough to offer a complete protection to the skin it deserves. However, the people apply SPF 30, 50 or even more intense lotions to be able to discard the harsh impact of the sunrays on the skin.

The President of the Society of Acute medicine, Nick Scriven had stated that one of the hospitals in the UK has treated the numerous people suffering from severe cases of dehydration, chest infection, and urine infection. The rising temperature is the prime reason for the adverse scenarios, which is also demanding an altered procedure of the treatment.

Prof. Anthony Young stated that even if a person is using a higher factor of the suntan lotion but not applying it in an appropriate manner, will not be able to enjoy the complete benefits. Hence, more than the strength of the sun protection factor, it is crucial to understand the application procedure.

To be precise, sunscreen lotions must be applied in a thick layer, which is usually ignored. Practically, 2 mg of the lotion is supposed to cover not more than 1 sq. cm. of the skin. That results in 6 full teaspoons of the lotion in order to protect the entire body of an average adult.

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, the suntan lotion must be applied 15 minutes before heading out in the sun and should be reapplied after 2 hours.

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