No More SeaWorld Trips By Thomas Cook From Next Summer

Thomas Cook has taken a leap forward to ensure the safety of the animals by announcing to suspend any kinds of SeaWorld trips. The company also stated that the most of the users are highly concerned about the well-being of the aquatic animals.

Peter Fankhauser, the Chief Executive of the company announced that the decision was not taken casually. Presently, SeaWorld and Loro Parque in Florida and Tenerife respectively will be banned an access. Both of these parks have also taken necessary measures to enhance the contributions towards the welfare of the animals. He further mentioned that from the coming summer, the parks that keep the killer whales in captivity, won’t sell tickets.

Peter Fankhauser also stated that the decision was taken after comprehensive consideration of the 18 months report provided by the animal welfare analysts. Along with it, the feedback from the customers was also considered. Most of them have expressed their concern regarding the safety of the animals and have also suggested that the tour organizing companies must offer deserved attention to the welfare of the captivated animals.

The conjugated concerns depicted by the analysts as well as the customers have led the company to take the drastic measure. He also stated that the principal of the company is very clear to him, due to which he launched a revised edition of the animal welfare policy and has also taken the firm decision.

On the contrary, the SeaWorld stated that they are not moving forward with the breeding of the orcas but the animals that are present will not be disturbed. The spokesperson from the park also stated that the millions of the people from the UK have visited the park and it will offer a similar ambiance for the people to visit. However, the authority ensured immense care and supervision being bestowed on the animals.

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