Hyundai Launches Digital Show On Amazon To Expand The Reach To Customers

Replicating the experience of car dealership online has been a challenge historically. It is a proven fact that many of us have become habitual to the ease and convenience of online stores.... Read more »

Syntel Enters Into A Definitive Agreement In An Proposed Acquisition Deal By Atos

Syntel, Inc., the world leader in integrated information and knowledge of process technology, today announced that it is integrating into the final merger agreement with Atos SE. The deal includes Atos acquiring... Read more »

Salesforce Waves Green For Datorama Acquisition

Salesforce, the world leader in CRM, has signed a final agreement on the acquisition of Datorama. Ran Sarig, CEO and Co-Founder of Datorama, said, “With Salesforce, we’re excited to expand our core... Read more »
Human Life

Exoplanet Named Ross 128b May Sustain Human Life

Ross 128b is quite identical to Earth in terms of its size and the temperature over the surface. The planet is said to be around eleven light years from the earth, which... Read more »