Poor Security Of Router Leaves People In Indian More Defenseless To Cyber Attacks

An expected 65% people in India have never upgraded firmware of their router, while 39% have no idea that the firmware for the routers actually exits. This was claimed by a research... Read more »

Boeing Received A $3.9 Billion Contract For New Air Force One Jets

Reportedly, Donald Trump, the U.S. President, recently proclaimed that the U.S. Government has offered Boeing Co (BA.N) with a $3.9 Billion contract. The mentioned contract is intended to manufacture about two 747-8... Read more »

Former Apple Worker Pleads Not Guilty In Trade Secret Trial

A former employee of Apple Inc pleaded not guilty after federal prosecutors this week filed an indictment blaming him of taking away trade secrets. Federal executives indicted Xiaolang Zhang on July 12... Read more »