Sony Rolls Out 48 MP Mobile Camera Sensor

Other than cameras, smartphones, and appliances, Sony is recognized for its lenses that are employed not only in superior cameras but also in handsets from different companies. So it is just natural that the tech behemoth has to remain on top of its game. Sony has now launched what can be dubbed as its smartphone cameras’ highest resolution image sensor.

The latest CMOS sensor dubbed as IMX586 has 48 efficient MPs (megapixels) and can capture detailed pictures at a resolution of 8000 x 6000 pixels. It can also shoot HD images when used with zoom-in option. Sony claims that it has attained the first ultra-compact pixel size in the world of 0.8 um. This makes it achievable to stuff 48 Million pixels within an 8.0 mm diagonal (1/2-type) unit.

The new sensor makes employment of the color filter array from Quad Bayer, allowing the device capture high-sensitivity material. In low light cases, the signals from the 4 adjacent pixels are included, which efficiently make the size of the sensor equal to 12 MP or 1.6um, offering a brighter picture with low noise. It is worth including that this method is conducted by Huawei P20 Pro too in which the triple rear cameras capture a 10 MP picture with a clearer image but at low light.

The IMX586 sensor from Sony also overtakes the 40 MP sensor from Huawei P20 Pro and 41 MP sensor from Nokia Lumia 1020 when it comes to MP count. “Along with all these benefits, original signal processing functionality and Sony exposure control technology are fitted into the image sensor,” claimed the official website of the firm.

On a related note, Sony Xperia XZ3 is its next flagship handset of the firm that will be rolled this year. If rumors are to be considered, the handset will sport 4 cameras (two on front side and two on rear side). Pictures of the 2 camera modules were lately online leaked.

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