YouTube Allowing Creators To Flag The Duplicity of Video Content

This year, we have seen a lot of things provided by YouTube to the user, be it the new video streaming service or great packages to enjoy the original content from great video creators and curators. But this is not it from YouTube.

The video service giant has brought something new for the users. It’s like giving the power in user’s hands to fight poor quality and copied content and allow users to enjoy a much better video streaming service.

YouTube has a constant eye on millions of videos, posted regularly on the platform, and ensure that they should be in compliance with the community standard and copyright issues.

In the last quarter of 2017 only, the company has taken out 8.3M videos who are involved in violating community guidelines. However, YouTube didn’t revamp its content ID system to report videos with copyright issue since 2013. But, now the video streaming giant is introducing a new Copyright match tool which helps in reporting the videos which are the copy of original videos.

As per Variety, the newly introduced tool is currently in beta testing phase and it will going to be there for a year at least and is going to roll out next week for channels who have more than 100K subscribers. The content creators that are eligible for this will see a section of Copyright in the left side of their YouTube Studio.

A special match tab will make the similar videos visible that has been identified by the new tool. Content creators can send a message to the offending channel, and ask them to remove or archive the match to avoid any action from the creator.

This new feature will help YouTube to take of some load out of its shoulders, as user themselves are now able to flag any kind of duplicity of their content.

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