Learning Backbone Tech Of Bitcoin Can Help Drive Your Career

Blockchain is not just restricted to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. The tech dropped its crypto currency skin in 2012 when Vitalik Buterin deployed and designed Ethereum, the first-ever open platform for block chain.

“A number of block chain platforms have been rolled out since then and they are now modifying the manner most techs operate. On the other hand, Ethereum’s ability to manage apps beyond crypto currency has earned it the moniker Blockchain 2.0 by various tech visionaries and enthusiasts,” claimed CoFounder at Edureka, Vineet Chaturvedi, to the media in an interview.

The requirement for trained individuals in blockchain is on the rise in India firms but there is not sufficient trained manpower yet. “We have witnessed companies where mid-level IT executives have been informed to setup groups across blockchain. But they are grappling to find group members. Also, many executives have begun to take up blockchain classes only after they have been allocated with this liability,” claimed Chaturvedi.

On the other side, increasing number of people are taking up blockchain classes. “There has been a rise of 157% people taking Blockchain courses from Edureka since the time we rolled out the course. Total percentile of users operating for Blockchain courses from India adds up for 53%. Out of this 53% from our country, 42% of the users are from Bangalore, followed by Pune at 6% and Hyderabad at 16%. In fact, acceptance in Bangalore has elevated by 5 times since roll out,” he claimed further. Edureka states to be amongst the first e-learning services to roll out a blockchain class in July 2017 in the form of Blockchain Certification Training.

On a related note, legislators from South Korea have disclosed drafts of bills aimed to develop guidelines on crypto currencies, ICOs (initial coin offerings), and blockchain tech, the local media claimed.

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