Ticwatch Pro With “Dual-Screen” Technology Costs $250

Smartwatch manufacturers for years have made efforts to develop batteries that stay longer than 2 Days. The approach of AI firm Mobvoi is to design a new sort of display that imbibes energy, to make it stay for up to 30 Days. Ticwatch Pro debuts this technology, which is obtainable now on Exclusives program of Amazon and only for Prime subscribers through August 15th. The Ticwatch Pro, for $250, provides a striking collection of features, comprising the battery-maximizing screen.

Let’s know how the unusual dual-screen functions. It is essentially something known as “Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic (FSTN)” LCD positioned atop an OLED. The upper layer is translucent when it is not enabled and one can just observe the color display operating Wear OS. And this is known as Smart Mode.

Mobvoi states the 415 mAh cell of Ticwatch Pro can maintain Smart Mode for around 2 Days. The watch can move to Essential mode whenever one wishes to or when it gets low on battery. This utilizes only the FSTN display and would only show date & time, plus keep tracking heart rate & steps. Essential mode, on a complete charge, can remain for up to 30 Days, as per the firm.

Apart from the new display technology, one will also obtain NFC for mobile payments, a heart rate monitor, IP68 water resistance, and music streaming through Bluetooth. Everything for a lower cost compared to most Wear OS watches from prominent brands such as Huawei and LG.

On the other hand, once again Huawei is ready to take on the market for smartwatch by stepping its game up with a wearable watch patent that can hoard a Bluetooth earbuds’ pair in it. Initially speckled by LetsGoDigital, the patent was granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization to Huawei on June 28.

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