For The First Time In 43 years, There’s A Supermoon Solar Eclipse

What a coincident! The Supermoon Solar Eclipse is on Friday, July 13. This event where the new moon, which is closest to the Earth, will pass in front of the sun today on Friday, July 13; this rarest of the rare event will be visible from the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and from South Australia.

According to the EarthSky, last solar eclipse on Friday took place way back on December 13, 1974, and the next will be happening on September 13, 2080. Since the moon’s orbit is elliptical around the Earth, so sometimes it is closer to the Earth and sometimes it’s farther from us. A Supermoon is an event when the moon is closest to the Earth, which makes it appear larger than it appears usually. However, the Supermoon doesn’t cause the eclipse, that’s because the moon is slightly tilted about its axis, which means that New Moon rarely intersects the Sun’s path during the day time. It’s just a great coincidence that this event is happening on Friday the 13th.

The last solar eclipse was witnessed in Australia on November 13, 2012. The moon shadow was experienced for a couple of minutes in Cape York Peninsula at the Northern Queensland and the Pacific Ocean.

Everyone who intends to see the solar eclipse should wear the solar eclipse glass at all the time and should not see directly during a partial eclipse. At sea, it would be possible to see 22% of the sun covered by the moon, from the land a less amount is visible. Melbourne can see 0.4% coverage of Sun by the Moon; however, the best place to observe the solar eclipse is from southern Tasmania, where spectators could see 4.5% coverage of Sun by the Moon.

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