Salesforce Waves Green For Datorama Acquisition

Salesforce, the world leader in CRM, has signed a final agreement on the acquisition of Datorama.

Ran Sarig, CEO and Co-Founder of Datorama, said, “With Salesforce, we’re excited to expand our core mission, helping marketers integrate and get information from a single data source. Datorama offers the best intelligence-based cloud-based marketing and analytics platform for businesses, publishers, and agencies. Datorama offers more than 3,000 international agencies and brands this includes Ticketmaster, PepsiCo, Unilever, Trivago, Foursquare, and Pernod Ricard to perceive the ability to understand all marketing and campaign data. By integrating and coordinating this data, marketers can visualize, analyze, and act on valuable and real-time information to optimize each marketing and investment activity.”

The acquisition of Datorama by Salesforce will augment Salesforce’s cloud marketing with incorporated data integration, analytics and intelligence, providing marketers with information about Salesforce and many technologies used today for consumer engagement and marketing. With a unified view of data and information, businesses can make smarter decisions on the customer journey and maximize participation on a larger scale.

For Datorama users, today’s announcement means more than what you love and expect from Datorama. Their growth will be more accelerated and with full support.

The details of the deal weren’t revealed, but Israeli media reported that the deal would reach up to $ 800 Million. Datorama in Tel Aviv refused to comment. The company has so far raised $50 Million in private money and has a workforce of 400 people.

Salesforce has been the biggest beneficiary of so-called digital transformations, which can be called as a growing trend for businesses to move their operations to low-cost cloud services with better scalability.

Earlier in the month, Salesforce partnered with Dropbox. This alliance is inclined towards improving team productivity and brand engagement. Dropbox also stated that it will collate its collaboration platform with Salesforce’s CRM platform.

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