The U.S. Government Misses Reunification Deadline

The U.S. Government has missed achieving the Tuesday deadline for the reunification of the immigrant children less than 5 Years old age with their parents.

Reportedly, about 98 children of less than 5 Years old age were separated at the US–Mexico border. The U.S. Government was supposed to reunite all these kids with their parents by Tuesday. However, the government was not able to catch the deadline.

The federal judge has offered some relief and gave more time to the U.S. Administration. The reason behind the time extension was that the process of finding and vetting parents is proving to be difficult for the government. The Justice Department proclaimed in court filings Tuesday that the U.S. Government is under the process of reuniting about 51 small children with their parents. Also, all the 51 parents have been judged safe and fit to receive their children soon.

Dana Sabraw, Judge, stated in his San Diego courtroom that the “zero tolerance” policy of the U.S. President was not employed properly. The government separated immigrant families looking for asylum in an improper way.

Federal officials accepted that the unkind action was taken for the prevention of border crossers in future. The U.S. President had to sign an executive order on June 20, 2018, that stopped the process of child separation after an outcry on a global level and after members of his own party objected on separation of the immigrant families.

On a related note, recently, Dolly Gee, U.S. District Judge, discarded the U.S. Administration’s request for limited relief from Flores agreement, according to which the migrant children cannot be separated from their parents for more than 20 Days. The U.S. Government had implemented a “zero tolerance” immigration policy at the US–Mexico border to arrest and take a legal action against the migrants for crossing the border illegally.

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