Instapaper Acquired Itself Back From Pinterest

In 2013, developer Marco Arment had sold his famous read-it-later app Instapaper to Betaworks. Pinterest bought the Instapaper about 2 Years ago with an intention to speed up the process of finding out the articles and saving them on Pinterest. Currently, the very same team that was working on it from past 5 Years is taking Instapaper back.

Recently formed Instant Paper, Inc. will get its ownership from Pinterest after a waiting period of 21 Days. This time period will be utilized to give a fair notice to the Instapaper about the proposed change. However, there will almost no any change for the user side related to the service. The new company owners have promised that they will continue to offer for the estimated future.

On a related note, Pinterest is putting its efforts to further knock its fame as a place to propose events. The company is adding various ways for its users to team up across boards that are baked straightforwardly into the app.

Group boards will posses their own personalized and selected feeds. Users will be allowed to discuss with others teams on the board. They also will be offered updates on the addition of new members or added pins. The company is also offering other characteristic social structures that any user will expect on an app these days such as @-mentions or even like the comments.

This is said to be another effort of the company to attract people onto Pinterest and keeping them connected around as they look to propose new events. It is also focusing to create more ways that will make the platform more and more attractive. It is said to be another quality-of-life improvement that the company needed from long ago. Pinterest has aimed to present itself as one of the greatest ways to find out innovative ideas.

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