Dakota Access: Greenpeace sued for “ecoterrorism”

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace and other environmental groups on Tuesday accusing them of launching an “ecoterrorism” campaign to block the Dakota Access oil pipeline object of several... Read more »

Editorial: The True Price of Oil in North Dakota

Black gold is transforming North Dakota. In just a few years, one of the country’s least populous states has become its most important oil producer after Texas. Thousands of Americans have invaded... Read more »

TransCanada Pipeline leak in South Dakota

TransCanada Oil announced the closure of the Keystone pipeline due to an oil spill of approximately 795,000 liters in South Dakota. The leak took place in Marshall County, near the border with... Read more »

Train carrying oil derails in North Dakota

A train from Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway derailed Wednesday morning in North Dakota. According to state emergency services, 10 of the 109 cars caught fire later. A photo posted on... Read more »

Clashes between police and protesters in North Dakota

Tension continues to mount at Standing Rock, North Dakota, where some 400 protesters block a bridge over a state highway. The protesters, who oppose the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, were... Read more »

Drone Used To Locate Lost Hikers In North Dakota

A Predator drone, the same used in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan was used to locate three individuals accused of cattle rustling in North Dakota. Local law enforcement officials requested use of a... Read more »

New housing prices hit record highs in the Vancouver area

In spite of several measures to calm the rise in the real estate market in the Vancouver area, new data again darken the picture. The New Housing Price Index for June 2017,... Read more »

Brandon Prust ready to play in Europe

After spending the last year and a half outside the NHL, Brandon Prust is hoping to make a return this season. The former Canadian sniper got an invitation to the Los Angeles... Read more »

New Book Deals With homeless LGBT Youth In Canada

Among homeless youth in Canada, between 20% and 40% are LGBT youth. This is one of the troubling findings of Where Am I Going To Go? Intersectional Approaches to Ending LGBTQ2S Youth... Read more »

An apology and 10 million for Omar Khadr

The Trudeau government will offer an apology and compensation of at least $ 10 million to child soldier Omar Khadr for the abuse he suffered while being imprisoned for terrorism at the... Read more »