Phantom Bookings Plague Ryde Technologies, Singapore

Phantom Bookings Plague Ryde Technologies, Singapore

A Singapore-based organization, Ryde Technologies, has reported being severely affected by the phantom bookings on behalf of several fake accounts. An intense scrutiny has discovered that none less than 300 fake accounts... Read more »
Argentina Isn’t The Team To Exit In First Go, Says Argentine Skipper

Argentina Isn’t The Team To Exit In First Go, Says Argentine Skipper

Lionel Messi said, “Argentina going out in the first round, not happening”, as he and his companions escaped elimination in the World Cup with a second victory by 2-1 against Nigeria on... Read more »
NFL Games Will Be Streamed On CBS Including Smartphones This Season

NFL Games Will Be Streamed On CBS Including Smartphones This Season

CBS has expanded its streaming agreement with the NFL till 2022 and extended the conditions to comprise authorization on mobile gadgets via its subscription service dubbed as CBS All Access. Now, consumers... Read more »

Machine Learning Will Not Replace But Redesign Work

The discussions around automation and artificial intelligence appears to be ruled by either doomsayers who are in a fear that robots will replace all humans in the labor force, or optimists who... Read more »

Dakota Access: Greenpeace sued for “ecoterrorism”

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace and other environmental groups on Tuesday accusing them of launching an “ecoterrorism” campaign to block the Dakota Access oil pipeline object of several... Read more »

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump plan to visit each other

The events seems to have gone so well between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump, at their summit in Singapore, that everyone invited the other to his country... Read more »

Editorial: The True Price of Oil in North Dakota

Black gold is transforming North Dakota. In just a few years, one of the country’s least populous states has become its most important oil producer after Texas. Thousands of Americans have invaded... Read more »

Donald Trump advisor apologizes for his remarks against Trudeau

White House advisor Peter Navarro on Tuesday lamented the “inappropriate tone” he has used for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this weekend following the G7 in Quebec. At an event organized by... Read more »

TransCanada Pipeline leak in South Dakota

TransCanada Oil announced the closure of the Keystone pipeline due to an oil spill of approximately 795,000 liters in South Dakota. The leak took place in Marshall County, near the border with... Read more »

Clashes between police and protesters in North Dakota

Tension continues to mount at Standing Rock, North Dakota, where some 400 protesters block a bridge over a state highway. The protesters, who oppose the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, were... Read more »